15 year old Champion Irish Dancer, Kari B.

Got A Mental Block or Performance Anxiety?

Do you perform with ease and precision during practice, but choke during competition?

Did you own a skill, but for some reason now have a mental block performing it?

Does your coach tell you to just get out of your head?

Do you practice and practice, but aren’t getting to the next level?

Were you injured and now find it difficult to come back?

Once a competitive athlete gets stuck, getting unstuck requires an intervention…

Hypnosis Is The Fastest And Most Effective Way To:

  • get rid of any mental blocks
  • overcome any fears holding you back
  • learn to block out distractions
  • get mastery over your pressure
  • let go of past mistakes
  • end your negative self talk and bad habits
  • boost your motivation and determination
  • increase your focus and concentration
  • get back to loving your sport again!


11 year old Gymnast Overcoming Fear Of Back Tuck, Ellery.

Training More Is Not The Answer

To achieve optimum performance and build lasting confidence, the answer lies within your mind not training harder!

So many athletes think if they just practice more or find an expert to teach them some new technique it will overcome their performance anxiety or mental block.

Most often it is simply not true!

It Starts In The Mind

All lasting change has to happen first in the mind. Hours of practices or that new technique won’t fix your mental block or get rid of the fear.

Through hypnosis, athletes connect to the power of their unconscious mind.

Once connected, you can improve your technical skills AND eliminate any doubt, hesitation, stress, anxiety or fear which makes the difference between coming in first or second place.

Get The Competitive Edge

Serious athletes are often determined to find what will give them the edge as well as perform to their highest potential.

Hypnosis helps athletes quickly improve their skills, fine-tune a technique and develop intense focus using the power of the mind.

Hypnosis will give you the level of self-belief and confidence you need to become unstoppable in your sport and excel in ways you may never have thought possible.

Good Morning Wendy, I have to tell you, I played extremely well! I did what you told me to do – It simplified everything, eliminated all the mind chatter using the checklist I went over before every game and every at bat.  I framed everything with good thoughts, why I love this game and then let my natural talents take over. I went to the game feeling good, sowhen I saw the ball park, it looked awesome and I couldn’t wait to play. When I came to bat, there too was a level of confidence, ease & simplicity. I hit the ball hard and with authority.  My defense in the field was spectacular too, in that I made a great catch in the blinding sun. Overall, I felt confident and at ease. I really got that good feeling back (I really felt like a hitting machine). Thank You!  ~ Mike B, Baseball Player overcoming batting slump


Famous Athletes Who Use Hypnosis

These are a few legendary athletes who have used hypnosis to achieve optimal performance levels: Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Wayne Gretzky, Kevin McBride, Phil Mickelson, Mary Lou Retton, Greg Louganis, Rod Carew and more!



11 year old Gymnast Recovering From Injury, Lelani.

Are You Recovering From An Injury?

Another way that hypnosis can help competitive athletes is in dealing with pain and injuries.

Learning to dissociate from the pain can help you better cope and accelerate the recovery time, so you can return to practice and competition more quickly.

Let’s Do This!

Are you ready to build your mental muscle, so you can face any fears that are holding you back and have the tools ready to help you bounce back from any mistake, choke or failure?

Then give me a call today to set up a complimentary clarity appointment to figure out the best way to help you. Click here or call me directly at 425-691-8402.


Former Client, Riley C- 17 year old basketball player


Sports Parent of Competitive Gymnast