Finally…The How To Overcome Emotional Eating Program

Sheila Before and After Working with Wendy

You are ready for coaching if…

You’re always on a diet and therefore always falling off of your diet.

Dieting means watching what you eat, counting calories/points/grams, only eating raw foods, paleo, gluten-free, only eating foods at certain times, “being good”, etc.

You’re always thinking about food.

You were doing fine…until you remember the left over candy from Halloween.

You have…”I’m feeling stressed.” “I can’t stand it.” “I shouldn’t be doing this.” “I can’t stop myself” moments with food.

You think about what you will eat for lunch, dinner, snack, dessert right after you eat breakfast.

You hate your body and believe you will finally be happy, loved, accepted when you lose ‘X’ lbs.

You believe being thin will make it all better.

Getting To The Core

If any of those statements are true for you, they are the REAL reasons you’re obsessed with food and the real reason you’re binge-eating ice cream out of the carton.

All the diets, the pills, the “weight loss” schemes don’t address the UNDERLYING ISSUES that got you to where you are now…

Hating your body and stuffing down your feelings.

If You Still Think The Only Way To Lose Weight Is…

By only eating fat-free cottage cheese.

Exercising yourself to death.

Beating yourself up so you can look different than you do right now.

Then you will keep trying other people’s diets, reading fitness magazines and feeling stressed all the time, while the rest of us get out and have fun.

If You’re Finally Done

If you actually want to start living your life…

If you are ready to consider the possibility that a new way of thinking (and NOT a new diet) could actually change your relationship with food permanently.

Let’s End Your Emotional Eating For Good

I am offering The End Emotional Eating Program, which is an intensive 3 month program designed to finally help you get past all the reasons you aren’t in a body you love.

In the program you will:

1. Get to the root cause of why you are overeating and eliminate it so you stop thinking about food all day and start living your life.

2. Learn and perfect one powerfully efficient strategy that always works to condition your mind to only eat when you feel hungry.

3. Destroy the block that interferes with your natural inclination, that all human being have, to want to move their body.  Makes exercising a treat instead of a chore.

4. Finally discover a proven step-by-step method to mastering all or your difficult emotions. (My clients say this is the most life-changing aspect of the program.)

5. Get rid of all the negative thinking that has been keeping you stuck like, “I’ll always be overweight.” “I’m weak, lazy or have no willpower.” “My metabolism is messed up.” “My body is disgusting.” “Losing weight will always be a struggle.”

6. Open the door to a whole new world of joy and passion that you never knew existed to replace what you used to get from food.

7. Create an indestructible foundation of confidence and self esteem with a set of tools you can use for the rest of your life.

The Program Includes:

A Personal Exploration Survey – an invaluable tool that starts the process and gets you deeply thinking about your current situation. Your answers give me a clear picture of the problem areas, what is going on with you and gives us a foundation to launch from.

12 (90 minute) Coaching Sessions – in person or over the phone/skype, where we get right to work on your core issues. You’ll learn strategies to quickly shift the dynamics of your relationship and tools you can use after our work together is done.

12 Session Recordings – get an audio recording of each of your sessions. By relistening and reviewing, you may pick up something new and hear yourself shift and change.

Weekly Action Plan aka Homework – to help solidify what we discussed and to help you start incorporating the tools into your life.

Handouts/Worksheets – of the tools you will be learning in your session and for your future reference.

Numerous Resources – recipes, worksheets, articles, books and other resources that will enhance our work together.

Full Access Via Email or Text – because sometimes you just need a little redirection or perspective.

Full transparency, Authenticity and Openness – gain from my personal life and experiences, because I’ve been where you are. I know how to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Let Me Take You…

From thinking about food all day long to “I’m so busy living my life I literally forget to eat sometimes.”

From eating every last bite on your plate to getting bored with Pasta Alfredo after the 3rd or 4th bite.

From hating your body and afraid to look at it in the mirror to feeling sexy and loving buying clothes for it.

From trying every diet under the sun to eating what you want, in the amounts you want and always feeling satisfied.

Is This Right For Me?

Great question. Before you invest in anything, we’ll get to know each other and explore whether we’re a good fit.

If you’re curious about working with me, click the image below to schedule a 60 minute COMPLIMENTARY clarity session.