What can you expect during your first session?

A good portion of your session will be educational. I will listen closely to your most difficult issues and mental blocks, so I can give you an assessment of how we can best work together. Before we begin I will answer all of your questions about hypnosis and explain how your unconscious mind operates and give you some simple tools to use after our session to immediately deal with negative feelings and emotions.

I will then guide you into a state of hypnotic relaxation, where you begin the process that will help you rapidly achieve your desired results. After you emerge from hypnosis, we will spend some time talking about your experience.

You will leave with a clear understanding of how we will work together going forward, tools and strategies and a hypnotic recording to use in between sessions.

How do you combine hypnotherapy with life coaching?

Coaching works with the conscious mind and hypnosis works with the unconscious mind. I help you get both on board by giving you tools and strategies for your conscious mind and using hypnosis to clear any unconscious beliefs like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I can’t trust.” , “I can’t.” “Nothing ever goes right for me.” “I’m not lucky.” “I’m too old.” “I’m too young.”

What is hypnosis or hypnotherapy?

In hypnosis, you connect with the power of your unconscious mind to accelerate both physical and emotional healing, which leads to positive changes and personal growth.

Hypnosis works by bypassing the critical mind that blocks messages of change or the things you say or think you want. When we want to make a change in our life, we think it and maybe even say it out loud like “I want to lose weight”, but that thought gets blocked by the critical mind. Hypnotherapy gets the messages past the critical mind to your unconscious mind to create the thoughts and behaviors you want.

What is Life coaching?

In coaching, we figure out what your goals are and then not only meeting them, but also sustaining them. What is it you hope to accomplish in your life or your work and what is it that is moving you ahead or holding you back?

Changes and shifts will happen and you will sustain them more successfully, because you do the work. You have choices in how you experience your life, your work, your body or your performance — we work together to get you on track to meet and exceed your goals and your dreams to live a happy and successful life.

The focus of my coaching is to enhance your life, develop your personal strengths and create changes and shifts as opposed to believing that life is a problem that needs fixing. Similar to the way that physical workouts and healthy eating positively affect your body, coaching is a “mind workout” that gives you a fresh perspective and outlook on things. 

Unlike counseling, coaching is action-oriented. The changes and shifts you achieve are ever-lasting, because things are changing inside out.

How long is a typical session?

Sessions last approximately 90 to 120 minutes. The first part of every session is dedicated to a review of your issues and successes, learning tools to get “in the zone” or “state of flow”, mastering your emotions and thoughts, stress-reduction techniques, and/or self-hypnosis.

The second half we will do hypnosis to clear any negative emotions or beliefs stuck in your unconscious mind.

How often are sessions?

It is recommended that the sessions be spaced no more than a week apart. You will leave with homework. It’s best to have your next session scheduled.


It is my privilege to you improve your life and your confidentiality is assured. You are taking the first step in making dramatic positive changes in your life.

How does hypnotherapy work with more traditional medical treatments?

People often choose to combine hypnotherapy in adjunct to their medical services. The work of hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing and empowering process, which can greatly enhance your desire for healing. You have within you the ability to grow, create lasting change and heal in ways that will allow you to live your life more fully. Together, through the relaxing and empowering process of hypnotherapy, we can access your ability to create the changes that will support the life that you desire.


Single session rate is $175 for a 1.5 to 2 hour session

If you sign up for my 4 session package, I give you a $50 discount.

Contact Wendy to schedule your first session

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