“Self Confidence Leads To Happier Marriage”

Becky L, Relationship Issues

Learned Useful Tools To Be Happy Again After A Breakup


David T, Gets Help For A Breakup

“My husband and I are kind to each now and enjoy each other’s company.”


Tamara L, wife and mother

“My wife and I would have been divorced if you didn’t help us.”


Ryan and Tina Avoided Divorce, Ryan B

“My approach to life and work has completely turned around.”


Getting Dream Job at Microsoft, Geraldine

“I’m more action-oriented at my work and in my relationship.”


Relationship and Career Issues, Lance K

“I used to feel like a victim in my own house.”

Parenting Issues, Linda B

“Life is short to not fully love yourself.”


Rough Patches in Work and Life, Denna B

“You reminded me of how strong I am and what I am capable of.”

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression, Bambi B

“Support from Wendy doesn’t stop when you leave the session.”


Parenting and Relationship Struggles, Vicki M

“Challenges make me feel alive again.”

Feeling Stuck, Sandy

“I Love My New Job.”


Figuring Out What To Do With His Life, Brian H
“Wendy Helped Me Get Excited About My Possibilities.”

Got her dream job in the music industry, Maya K

Wendy Lynne changed my perspective on everything! I was very hesitant to see a counselor at first, but my life felt stagnant and stuck, so I eventually started looking online for someone. I was very thorough in my research and very picky, as I wanted someone who I could trust and connect with. I stumbled upon Wendy’s website and she seemed very personable in her videos, and I enjoyed looking through all her articles. I could definitely relate to what she had to say, plus I liked her more alternative/holistic approach. I started seeing Wendy in December of 2015 with a list of issues, the biggest ones being my relationship, career, and family. I signed up for 8 sessions and was expecting to talk a lot about my childhood, how I was raised, etc. But I soon realized that Wendy doesn’t focus a lot on the past and instead focuses more on current relationships and issues, which is great because I was able to see results quickly! Plus, with my new perspective and understanding, I became less affected by my past traumas. Before Wendy, I was constantly questioning my relationship and was thinking of breaking up. But after my sessions with her, my relationship has transformed into something that I did not think was possible! It is now so easy, comfortable, and harmonious. Plus, my partner and I are getting married next month, which is a big deal for me, as I used to not believe in marriage! Wendy is very in tune with relationship dynamics and how men and women think/act differently. Learning these differences about my partner positively changed the way I interacted with them. She gave me the courage to speak up in my relationship, in a very effective and respectful way. She also gave me practical exercises, worksheets, and a personal hypnosis recording to use when problems arise. I love whipping out my pen and paper to go through her simple, but effective exercises. She has given me the knowledge and confidence to go through life knowing that there is no issue that I cannot work through! And if I cannot figure something out on my own, I can always come by for another helpful session. She is very responsive to my emails and is very accommodating with my schedule. I love how she gives me 2 hours of her undivided attention each session! We are able to cover a lot during that time, as opposed to the usual one hour sessions that other counselors offer. Discovering Wendy has been such a huge blessing, and I’ve recommended her to all my friends and family.
~Nadia T


Thank you so much Wendy. Your words and time have helped me so much.
I want you to know:

My throat tightness is gone.
My weight has gone down. Already. Slowly but surely!
My outlook has improved considerably
My hopefulness now guides me
I know that my new thought and consideration to self care will have lasting and a considerable impact on health, wellness, and family.

Your resources have been so very helpful and informative.

Thanks for all you do to help facilitate this in those you share your gifts with.

~Rene B



Sheila Before and After Completing Wendy’s Overcome Emotional Eating Program


“I can’t believe how quickly my life changed.”

Dealing with Relationship Issues, Terri M


I am doing so good thanks to what I’ve learned from you! I look at life differently and must say in a better way, thank you!

Keep up your good work!

All the best my friend,

~ Bambi R


“My relationship with my son was getting worse and worse until he worked with Wendy.”


Parent of Teenager, Sofia K

Things are going great… Total switch!!  I signed up with a different PT that is perfect for me…I have a schedule of fun things i do each week.. Ive rewarded myself too!!! I treat myself to an AmericanO (zero calories) at Starbucks and sit outside and enjoy the weather or Ive been trading with a gal for massages 🙂 ..
AND guess what?? the scale is moving down!!!!  Ive enjoyed the feeling of eating healthy too..Its wore off on, my fiancé, Steve as well..:)  WIN WIN
~Tiffany C


“I finally feel free.”

Stop Smoking Client, Sue N

When I started working with Wendy Lynne, my life strategies were not working. Simply put, I was stuck and desperately looking for guidance.  Wendy used her many resources and expert skill to help me overcome personal fears, ultimately, re-inventing my life story and the unconscious, unwanted scripts running through my head. She guided me in understanding myself better, both consciously and unconsciously.

These tools became my North Star in helping me focus on the type of changes in life that I was seeking. Now, I feel I have a clearer path–a road map out of my own personal purgatory and on my way to the person I know I can become, and maybe more importantly, who I want to be.

~ Chris Woodward


“I know now how to deal with my anxiety and fears.”


Fears and Phobias Client, Shelby R

Wendy is the most caring yet direct woman that I know. I trust her implicitly and have been able to take my life to the next level with her unique style of coaching. She has been an instrumental accountability partner who has provided me valuable insights and mindful practices that continue to move my life in a positive direction. I appreciate her intuitiveness and the powerful tools she has empowered me with!
~ Diane McWhirter


“She taught me how to shift my emotions very negative to positive.”


Relationship Issues Client, Dee I

I met Wendy quite by accident and it really turned out to be a Blessing. With Wendy’s safe and positive guidance during hypnosis I was able to trace present issues to earlier incidents in my life.

These incidences clearly Influence how I perceive and react to the world now. Wendy gave me tools to use to change the negative behaviors in myself into the positive habits that make my life easier.

In a warm and comfortable environment Wendy talked with me, listened to me and then guided me to discover all i needed to help me grow, change and evolve into the best me I can be. I highly recommend Wendy’s services.
~Ellen Kaspi


“180 degree turn on my confidence.”


“I have learned to conquer my fears.”

Baseball Pitcher Experiencing a slump, Alex A C


Sports Performance Anxiety Client, Riley C

I was stuck. Choosing hypnosis was something I had never contemplated because I didn’t “believe” in it. When I came away from my sessions with Wendy, I had a clearer image of who I really am. My strengths and abilities. Now the better choices I make deliver delightful surprises to my daily life. Wendy is a phenomenal listener who asks insightful questions and gets right to the heart of the matter. I encourage anyone who is stuck to contact her.
Kay B.


“She is now much more relaxed and confident.”

Parent of Irish Dancer, Tricia B.

“Mental Toughness coaching helped me become a much better performer.”


15 year old Champion Irish Dancer, Kari B.

I was on a mission to get right with myself and conquer that crappy hollow feeling that causes all my problems.

Wendy threw me some curve balls and forced me to think outside of what seems to be the norm. I welcomed your outlook and ideas, because “the norm” wasn’t working fast enough for me. I also liked the way you challenged my thoughts. I needed that in my life.

Thanks to you after 40+ years of smoking I can finally say I am a nonsmoker and it feels great.  No more hiding, no more coughing, no more sore throats.  I can simply be outdoors and enjoy it. ~ James Parker


“Used to just cry and now I feel calm and confident.”


11 year old gymnast, Ellery

“I came to Wendy stuck and overwhelmed, overcome by fear-driven thoughts that preventing me from moving ahead and addressing my insecurities and personal relationship issues. She helped me clarify and set goals based on my values, and to be accountable to myself so that I could start taking responsibility for my own thoughts and how they were affecting my every day decision making process. More importantly, she taught me how to apply a “worth-case-scenario” exercise that helped me remove doubt and embrace who I am.

I’ve never felt more free or confident, and I am no longer afraid of the outcome. I can handle it!”


I have to tell you, the game I played went well, extremely well!

I did what you told me to do. It simplified things, eliminated all the mind chatter and the checklist I went over before every game and every at bat. I framed everything with good thoughts, why I love this game and then let my natural talents take over and just doing it.

I went to the game feeling good. Then when I saw the ball park, it looked awesome and I couldn’t wait to play. I tried to experience all the great things about the field and the game. I eliminated all the negative chatter and anytime there was or a possibility of, it was squashed and the good things were focused on.

When I came to bat, there too was a level of confidence, ease & simplicity.
My 1st at bat, I hit the ball hard to left field and it went deep (the hardest hit ball of the day…for our entire team and the opposing team too). It was caught, but it did score our initial run as a sacrifice fly. The contact of the ball felt great and it sounded even better.
My 2nd at bat, the 3rd baseman made a spectacular play and then threw me out at 1st base (FYI, I am not the fastest guy in the world).
My 3rd at bat, I did not hit the ball as hard as my 1st at bat, but the did travel farther than my 1st at bat (the farthest hit ball of the day). I got a little underneath the ball and it sailed for a long way.
My 4th and final at bat, I hit a hard line drive for a single to left field for my 1st base hit.

Overall, I felt great, I hit the ball hard and with authority. My defense in the field was spectacular too, in that I made a great catch in the blinding sun.

Overall, I felt confident and at ease. I did not focus on a checklist, any details, I focused on loving the game, the conditions and just let it be.

So, thank you for helping me out.

I really got that good feeling back (I really felt like a hitting machine). I really had that feeling before the game and then after each at bat and after the game, it feels reinforced.

Thank You! ~ Mike B


“Hypnosis helps him on and off the field.”


Soccer Player, Gage N.

Wendy is an extremely empathic listener and she makes you feel seen and supported on so many levels. I feel a pleasure and safety resulting from Wendy’s expressions of “sympathetic joy” that is more authentic and consistent than with anyone I’ve ever met. ~Shelly Thorn


I wanted to take a minute to send a thank you note. My wife and I have benefited tremendously from your coaching. Before we began working with you, food was making us crazy and actually becoming a wedge between us. We were trying so hard to be “healthy” by counting calories, eating unsatisfying diet foods, and obsessing over everything, that we were not enjoying anything we ate. We were struggling blindly through a world of misinformation about nutrition and health without any expert guidance. We had reached our limit.

After discovering your website, we were intrigued and excited. I was especially impressed by all the heartfelt testimonials. Now after just a single month, I’m in a position to share my own testimonial. I never thought that one month could make such a difference!

Quite simply, you have helped us take back control of our eating and our health. Food no longer drives us mad – food is now serving us. I look forward to each healthy and delicious meal. It’s such a relief to have a plan, and to KNOW that I’m doing it right and giving my body what it needs. I can feel it. My wild blood sugar swings are completely gone. I have energy for workouts. And I lost 8 pounds in the first month following your guidance. My wife’s experience mirrors mine.

Probably the best part is that now my wife and I are on the same page with our eating. Working together, we’re an unbeatable team, reinforcing and celebrating each other’s success in your program. We share the same goals, follow the same guidelines, and we even cook nutritious meals together.

Thanks for working so hard for us, and for presenting all of it in a super-friendly, encouraging, and honest manner. Your program is worth every last penny. I will absolutely recommend your services to anyone.

-Seth Grant


I wanted to let you know that your coaching has really made a difference in my thinking about Elizabeth. I have seen her a couple of times since then, and I have been relaxed and positive, no bad feelings, and she has been relaxed too! Miraculous! I thought you’d appreciate knowing this. It was a game changer.
~Shari B.


If you are ready for change, but don’t know how…Wendy is an expert in helping you figure that out! ~ Craig Sigl



“Life time smoker quits after 1 session.”


Former Smoker, Nick R


The Bellevue Women’s Club recently enjoyed a luncheon when guest Wendy Lynne, CHT, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, spoke about hypnosis.  She helped to demystify everything many of us knew about hypnosis, while talking about what it is and is not.

Wendy, who specializes in helping clients deal with overcoming fear using hypnosis, discussed this and also talked about how hypnosis can be used successfully to help with one’s pain management, stress, sleep issues, and weight loss.

She not only spoke about what she has been certified to do, she taught us a quick way to do “self hypnosis,” a tool to take home with us, to help us deal with any fear, pain, stress, or achieving a goal, such as weight loss.  She also answered members’ questions, most cheerfully, about nutrition, and about life in general, with her goal being to increase one’s happiness and well-being.

The feedback since she spoke has been very positive . . . Wendy is the first clinical hypnotist to be a guest of our 24 year-old Bellevue Women’s Club, and we very much appreciate her sharing some of her many varied and unique talents with us.

Wendy said she grew up in Los Angeles, has lived all over the East coast, and has been in Bellevue for the last 6 years.  In addition to her practice in Bellevue,as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, she is also a Culinary Nutritionist and Life Coach . . . an amazing women.

Meeting and working with Wendy was such a pleasure.  The Bellevue Women’s Club highly recommends her to any group of people, of any age, or anyone seeking a very positive, highly-effective and qualified “motivation speaker.”