How To Stop Emotional Eating – DON’T!

Most people think emotional eating is a curse. “Poor me! I’m so sick of this! Will I ever get over my issues with food?”

But here’s my take on it…emotional eating is not a bad thing. In fact, I think it might be your guardian angel.

Emotional eating is our attempt to deal with a tough problem, feeling or situation we don’t otherwise know how to deal with and often we wouldn’t deal with it if we did not have this uncomfortable response to remind us.

That uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to shove brownies down your throat, is like an amazing alarm system, that if responded to appropriately will remind you to clue into what’s bothering you, before it becomes a more serious problem.

When we strip away the judgment of our emotional eating, and stop calling it a disease, a defect or a problem, we can finally see it for what it is: Emotional eating is an alert that something in our life needs our attention. Something completely unrelated to food or our weight.

  • Some people never deal with their problems, because they’re never forced to.
  • They never leave the job they hate, because they’re not getting fat over it.
  • They don’t have the tough, but necessary conversations with their partners, because your weight is now “an issue.”

But emotional eaters have a gift, a unique opportunity to recognize when some aspect of their lives needs some attention A.S.A.P.

Emotional Eating is a reminder to love yourself harder, show up for yourself, and give yourself what you really need.

Stop Dieting, Enjoy Eating, Love Your Body

Have you been wanting to make changes, but feel overwhelmed and don’t know how?
 Do you sabotage yourself…at parties, going out for dinner or after an endless day of work and family?

Do the conflicting reports in the media make you wonder what is, in fact, healthy or what is the “perfect” body?

If you’re not happy when you look in the mirror, wish you had more energy or want to slow the signs of aging, then it’s time to look beyond diets to a REAL long term solution!

Using Hypnosis For Weight Loss Can Help You:

  • Stop craving unhealthy sweets and junk food
  • Get off fast food
  • End late night stress snacking
  • Feeling satisfied with smaller portions
  • Easily making healthier choices
  • Stop obsessing about food, what you ate or are going to eat and develop a healthy relationship with food
  • Stick with your weight loss program like HCG, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or your detox
  • End binging and purging

Will Power Alone Is Not Enough

Diets often fail because people try to rely on sheer will power. Will power is something you exert consciously. The problem is our behavior (overeating), habits and emotions are driven by our unconscious mind.

You don’t need to use will power when you use hypnosis for weight loss, because hypnosis works with your unconscious mind to change your behaviors. It’s amazing!

sexy-modelLosing Weight Is Just One Of The Benefits!

You’ll experience a way of thinking about food and eating that guarantees that you will feel energized and happy with your body. You will no longer experiencing cravings, energy dips, fatigue or mood swings.

Ready To Feel And Look Your Best

“Feeling” fat and “being” fat are two different things. Feeling fat can happen at any size and only refers to the feeling of insecurity or emotional discomfort that occurs when we’re not OK with our own shape or size.

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