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How To Be Successful At Life

How To Be Successful At Life: Don’t Fall Into The Success Trap
Our society generally defines success in terms of fame, fortune, status and respect from having a prestigious job, handsome/beautiful spouse, luxury car and large home.

When and if you achieve these things you are considered a success.

But if you buy into that definition of […]

Sometimes Life Can Feel Unfair

If You Believe Life Is Unfair – How To Get Out Of Your Victim Story
Most people talk openly about being stressed, but hardly ever talk about their fears.
We Are Fearful About…
Our finances.
Where our relationship is going.
Facing an illness.
Failing while pursuing a new dream, talent or passion.

Change Is Frightening
Any transition or change, even if it is […]

How To Make My Life Perfect

Wondering How To Make Your Life Perfect?
Create Your Perfect Day Itinerary
This will set you up for creating the life you’ve always dreamed of and how to live it every day.

In this exercise, your job is to map out what your perfect day looks like and then the steps you’ll need to take to achieve […]

Relationship Communication Quiz

Relationship Communication Quiz
The following questions will help you discover your particular style when it comes to relating to others.

Do you try to control conversations?

If you do, are you aware of it in the moment? Do you have a conscious reason for doing this? What are the feelings the underlying reasons for your need […]

Why Hire A Life Coach: These Are The Questions People Always Ask

Here Are 6 Signs It’s Time To Make Changes And Hire A Life Coach…
1. When Your Current Situation No Longer Supports Your Growth.
Be willing to let go of what no longer serves you.

Some situations, places, hobbies and people have expiration dates. As you grow and change, so do your needs.

Staying in situations that no […]

How To Stop Being A People Pleaser

How To Stop Being A People Pleaser And Stand Up For Yourself

Have you ever found yourself…

Helping people even though it takes away time from yourself and your family?
Letting that angry person rage and vent, while you try to soothe them with humor or kindness?
Putting up with cutting-remarks or jabs, instead of speaking up?
Allowing that […]

What is Success In Relationships?

What is Success In Relationships and Life?
She was one of the most powerful women on Wall Street and named to Time’s 2002 list of “Global Influentials” and Fortune’s Most Influential Person Under the Age of 40.

She made a name for herself as head of Merrill Lynch’s global wealth management division.

In spite of leading the […]

How To Avoid Uncertainty

Do You Want To Know How To Avoid Uncertainty?

We live in a society that values comfort, safety and certainty.

We are given the message early on that we should protect ourselves from everything we don’t know.

Those of us who are willing not to know and operate in uncertainty, are viewed as reckless and maybe […]

How Do I Create The Life I Want?

How can you create the life you want?
It is both simple and hard.  Simple, because we are in control of what we think.

It can also be hard, because we don’t often believe or remember that we are in control.
Your Life = Your Thoughts
I see with my clients over and over again that the life […]

Change Your Mind By Changing Your Beliefs

Change Your Mind By Changing Your Beliefs
In the last post I shared how our brains actually resist change.


Because any type of change for the older brain is primarily a message of unsafe or unknown and if it’s unknown or unsafe I could get killed.

The brain gets stuck in telling the same old story.  The only […]