Other People’s Opinions

Are You Feeling Judged?

Are You Judgmental?
I’ve been noticing a common theme among my clients lately.
“I can’t believe….”
“He shouldn’t be…”
“She thinks she is so…”
“I’m so…”
I am sure you can fill in the blanks!

There is so much judgment towards other people and judgment of ourselves.

My clients feel hurt when people are judging them, but they in turn are busy […]

I Have Social Anxiety

Dealing With Social Anxiety
It happens to a lot of us…
Your spouse RSVP’s to their friend’s holiday party where you will know no one.
A friend asks you to be their plus one at a wedding.
There is a mandatory work event.
Obligatory dinner with your partner’s family.
We all have to go to events where we might know absolutely […]

How To Be Successful At Life

How To Be Successful At Life: Don’t Fall Into The Success Trap
Our society generally defines success in terms of fame, fortune, status and respect from having a prestigious job, handsome/beautiful spouse, luxury car and large home.

When and if you achieve these things you are considered a success.

But if you buy into that definition of […]

How To Stop Being A People Pleaser

How To Stop Being A People Pleaser And Stand Up For Yourself

Have you ever found yourself…

Helping people even though it takes away time from yourself and your family?
Letting that angry person rage and vent, while you try to soothe them with humor or kindness?
Putting up with cutting-remarks or jabs, instead of speaking up?
Allowing that […]

How To Deal With Criticism

How To Deal With Criticism
This is Part 5 of my series on other people’s opinions…
How To Handle Criticism
One of the things that is the most upsetting for most of us is criticism.

You are probably be OK with someone not liking you or prefer someone else, but you don’t want them criticizing you.

You don’t […]

Are You Seeking Other People’s Approval?

Are You Seeking Other People’s Approval?
This is part 4 of my series on Other People’s Opinions.
Stop Hiding From Criticism

One way that a lot of us deal with criticism is to hide, because we feel like we can’t handle the criticism.

Really all you can’t handle is your interpretation of the criticism.

Can you allow for that?

That’s […]

Other People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

The Truth Is Other People’s Opinions Don’t Matter
What you have to figure out is….Who Are YOUR People?

There will always be people who don’t like you, but those aren’t your people.

The people that do like you are YOUR people.

They are the people who love being with you and who you love being with too.

The […]

Other People’s Opinions

Do You Worry About Other People’s Opinions Of You?

Have you ever tried to mold yourself into something you are not just to influence what other people think about you?

You may have worried…

“What will people think if I try or do that?”

“How will they think I look? Will they like what I’m wearing?”

What did I […]