Life Coaching

Change Your Life By Changing Your Mind

How Do You Change Your Life – By Changing Your Mind
The first step is to figure out what is holding you back in your life.

It’s called resistance.
What Is Resistance?
We all deal with resistance all of our lives. It’s part of the human experience. None of us are immune.

Something comes up and you don’t want […]

How To Get Out Of Feeling Stuck

Here Is How To Help Yourself Get Out Of Feeling Stuck
If you are feeling stuck, frustrated and confused because things aren’t going the way you want – you are not alone!

To help you move out of your stress and looping thoughts, use this time to assess and evaluate the situation.
See It As An Opportunity
This […]

How Do You Want To Define Your Life?

How Do You Want To Define Your Life? 
It Starts With Your Mindset…
This is Part III of the Having A Bad Day? series.  Click here to read Part I and Part II.

You can have the mindset that you can overcome anything, not because you’re smart, not because you’re talented, but because you have the […]

Looking For Life Coaches In Seattle?

How To Hire The RIGHT Life Coach
Trying to figure out what to do or where to go next in your life?
Hoping that a life coach can help you figure that out?

Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a businessman. ~Bill Gates

Life coaches, like […]

The Game of Life

Do You Want To Change How You “Play” Your Life?
I love playing games of all kinds! It can be anything from rock, paper, scissors to highly competitive board games to a sweaty tennis match.

When I play, I am constantly shifting my perspectives, seeing and rising to the challenges and through play bringing ease […]