Use Hypnosis To Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Can Hypnosis Help You Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs?
You may have noticed in addition to being a life coach. I am also a hypnotherapist.

Many people wonder why I use hypnotherapy.

I find it is the quickest way to let go of any limiting belief or self-sabotaging pattern that is stuck in your unconscious mind.
How Do […]

How To Deal With Criticism

How To Deal With Criticism
This is Part 5 of my series on other people’s opinions…
How To Handle Criticism
One of the things that is the most upsetting for most of us is criticism.

You are probably be OK with someone not liking you or prefer someone else, but you don’t want them criticizing you.

You don’t […]

5 Amazing Things Your Brain Does While Your In Hypnotic Trance

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post that shared some of the amazing things our brain does while we sleep. I realized that it was almost identical to what happens when we are in a hypnotic trance.

We all know that sleeping is as critical to our health and well-being as eating. Did […]