How To Change

Are You Feeling Judged?

Are You Judgmental?
I’ve been noticing a common theme among my clients lately.
“I can’t believe….”
“He shouldn’t be…”
“She thinks she is so…”
“I’m so…”
I am sure you can fill in the blanks!

There is so much judgment towards other people and judgment of ourselves.

My clients feel hurt when people are judging them, but they in turn are busy […]

Why Is Spontaneity Important?

I was so excited for my first ever road trip across the US with my fiancé, John.  At the start of our trip, the coronavirus was a big issue in China, but had not really caused much in the way of big changes in the US yet.

We had planned a […]

How To Stop Drinking Too Much

Why Do You Drink Too Much?
Buffering with alcohol is one of the things we do, so we don’t have to face the truth and experience the ups and downs of life.

We buffer because we expect to feel comfort, pleasure and happiness all the time.

We assume we should be happy all the time, because we […]

Let Go Of Inner Resistance

Letting Go Of Resistance
Rather than allowing life to carry us where we want to go, we spend a lot of time resisting.

We assume we need to struggle to get what we want.

But what if it is not true?

What if you could allow the natural flow of life support you in having what you want?

Think […]

Is It True People Never Change?

So why don’t people change even if they say they want to?
I hear reasons all the time of why people think they can’t change, when talking to potential clients about coaching.

They want to change their life, but don’t seem to be able to or know how….

Here are the top 3 reasons why some people […]

Understanding Resistance To Change

How to Transform Your Resistance To Change
I recently listened to a podcast featuring Chris Lee who wrote the book, The 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity.

He explained how resistance stops us from having meaningful relationships, rewarding work and the body we’ve always wanted.
What Is Resistance?
Resistance is avoiding something, not trusting something, not embracing something…
When you […]