How To Stop Drinking Too Much

Why Do You Drink Too Much?
Buffering with alcohol is one of the things we do, so we don’t have to face the truth and experience the ups and downs of life.

We buffer because we expect to feel comfort, pleasure and happiness all the time.

We assume we should be happy all the time, because we […]

What Are Your Marital Distress Pacifiers?

In his book, The New Rules of Marriage, Terrance Real refers to misery stabilizers or what I call distress pacifiers.

They are the things people turn to instead of turning to their partner.

They distract themselves from staying engaged with their partner and facing the tough issues in their relationship.  

He […]

How To Create Habits That Stick

Forming Bad Habits Is Easy
All of us want healthy, fulfilling and remarkable lives.

Unfortunately though, there’s no shortage of unhealthy and unproductive behaviors that get in the way.

It is so easy to fall into unhealthy habits like…

Eating fast “convenient” food.
Checking Facebook instead of going to the gym.
Showing up to a job you […]

Creating Empowering Beliefs

How To Create Empowering Beliefs Inspired by Anthony Robbins
I recently listened to a Tony Robbins training and came away with some nuggets I wanted to share with you on how to change your beliefs.

What Is A Belief?
A belief is a thought we think over and over like, “I’m not good enough” or “I always […]

How To Think About Hard Days

So How Do You Want To Think About Your Hard Days?
This is Part II of the “Having A Bad Day?” series.  Click here to read Part I

If you’re one of those people who thinks, “I had a hard day, but I can do hard things.

I’m a rockstar and I rocked it out […]

Having A Bad Day?

Are You Having A Bad Day?
Most people believe being discouraged and depressed means something has gone terribly wrong – it’s not true!

Part of the process of evolving is to be able to look at ourselves and acknowledge what’s true about our situation and acknowledge what we’re believing and what we’re thinking.

If you are […]

Is Willpower And Hard Work All It Takes To Change A Habit?

Do you believe that willpower and hard work is all it takes to change a habit?

Most people believe all they need is strong willpower and perseverance to change a habit or unwanted behavior.

I have worked with so many people who suffer from all kinds of addictions and I can promise you it takes a […]

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How To Overcome Binge Eating

Are You Stuck In A Horrible Cycle?
Wondering If You Can Ever Overcome Binge Eating?
Binge eating, to me, used to feel like an out-of-body experience during a feeding frenzy, where I fell completely out of control.

It can be frightening to you see yourself almost robotically shoving copious amounts of food into your mouth.

Having helped clients […]