Let Go Of Inner Resistance

Letting Go Of Resistance
Rather than allowing life to carry us where we want to go, we spend a lot of time resisting.

We assume we need to struggle to get what we want.

But what if it is not true?

What if you could allow the natural flow of life support you in having what you want?

Think […]

How To Stop Criticizing Your Partner

Why Do We Criticize Others?
Criticism brings out the worst in men and women.

Men actually think they are good at taking criticism, but it is not true.

The reason we criticize someone is that we are trying to get someone to do or accomplish something.

Our compulsion to criticize is our instinctual way to get what we […]

How To Feel Fulfilled In Life

You have qualities and characteristics that are unique to you.

When you know who you are, you are inspired to act from that place which creates super powerful results.
Bring to mind something you do that you absolutely love doing.

When you do this thing, time stops and you are fully […]

Is It True People Never Change?

So why don’t people change even if they say they want to?
I hear reasons all the time of why people think they can’t change, when talking to potential clients about coaching.

They want to change their life, but don’t seem to be able to or know how….

Here are the top 3 reasons why some people […]

Understanding Resistance To Change

How to Transform Your Resistance To Change
I recently listened to a podcast featuring Chris Lee who wrote the book, The 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity.

He explained how resistance stops us from having meaningful relationships, rewarding work and the body we’ve always wanted.
What Is Resistance?
Resistance is avoiding something, not trusting something, not embracing something…
When you […]

Why Your Coping Strategies For Not Feeling Good Enough Do Not Work

Day-to-day events can trigger feelings of not feeling good enough…
Someone points out a mistake you made.
You don’t lose weight after weeks of dieting.
Your husband doesn’t notice the effort you made to dress up for the evening.
Your wife doesn’t notice all the other times you remembered to take out the garbage.
You […]

How To Take Action In Your Life

What Stops Us From Making Decisions And Taking Action?
Lots of people are aware of want they want to be different in their lives, but they don’t take action to actually change their lives.

What usually holds people back is the fear of failure, lack of confidence, procrastination…all just mental roadblocks.

But according to my Life Coach, […]

How Do You Fix Your Relationship Issues?

Are You Regularly Struggling In Your Relationship?
Our perception that we can control the other person by getting mad at them causes so many problems.

The following are 4, some may think controversial, steps recommended by my life coaching teacher, Brooke Castillo that she uses to be successful in her own marriage.

I also, to the best of […]

What Is Fear And How Do I Overcome it?

Fear is something you create with your mind.

The only time you should feel fear is when there is physical danger or something unexpectedly scares you and triggers that fight-or-flight response.

Most of the fear you probably experience, comes from asking yourself what-if questions followed by an imagined outcome that is negative.

For instance, your […]

Positive Changes Closes

Recently Positive Changes in Bellevue closed their offices and apparently so have all the other locations in the Northwest.

I am not surprised.

I also use hypnosis as one of my tools to help people lose weight, but it is not my only tool and that is the problem with Positive Changes….

People paid a lot of […]