How To Rebuild Your Life While Going Through A Painful Divorce Or Breakup.

Why Is Divorce So Painful?
We have all been told the stories about how romantic love is supposed to be…we fall head over heels and then it lasts forever.  

We also add the belief…if it lasts, then it’s real.

We even assess the value based on the length of time we’ve been together.  If a couple […]

Dealing With Lack Of Appreciation?

What Causes A Lack of Appreciation?

Here is a typical scenario I often hear…

The husband is constantly complaining how hard he has to work, “I have to put in more hours every day composing emails, when I used to just be able to walk down the hall and talk to people. There is also so […]

Are You Feeling Judged?

Are You Judgmental?
I’ve been noticing a common theme among my clients lately.
“I can’t believe….”
“He shouldn’t be…”
“She thinks she is so…”
“I’m so…”
I am sure you can fill in the blanks!

There is so much judgment towards other people and judgment of ourselves.

My clients feel hurt when people are judging them, but they in turn are busy […]

Why Is Spontaneity Important?

I was so excited for my first ever road trip across the US with my fiancé, John.  At the start of our trip, the coronavirus was a big issue in China, but had not really caused much in the way of big changes in the US yet.

We had planned a […]

What I Learned From Tragedy Built Emotional Resilience

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.  ~Leonardo Da Vinci

What Is Emotional Resilience?
I learned some hard lessons last year, the first being that life changes in an instant.

My fiancé, Craig, left one morning for the dentist, had a freak accident and for some unknown reason stopped breathing causing him […]

How Do Attachment Styles Affect My Relationship?

How Does Your Attachment Style Affect Your Relationship?
In my last post I shared with you the psychology of how and why we attach to our romantic partners in much the same way we did with our parents.

I also think it would be helpful for you to understand your partner’s attachment style to help make […]

Attachment Styles In Relationships

Have You Heard Of The Attachment Style Theory?
I have just finished reading the book Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller and found it super helpful in understanding why some people are hyper-focused on intimacy and others push it away.
Dependency Is Not A Bad Word
Numerous studies show that once you become attached to someone […]

What Gets A Man To Fall In Love And Stay In Love?


So many women get wrong what makes a man fall in love with you and what makes him leave, so I wanted to share with you what I learned from Alison Armstrong of

I think men may also find this not only fascinating, but enlightening….
What Is The Right Strategy To Attract Men?
Most women that […]

Most Common Relationship Problems and Solutions

People typically come to see me when they are in the middle of a huge transition time and their relationship is often the catalyst.

Having worked with so many people, I see common patterns and trends based on the type of relationship they are in.

I learned from my coach, Christine Hassler, there are basically 5 […]

How To Stop Drinking Too Much

Why Do You Drink Too Much?
Buffering with alcohol is one of the things we do, so we don’t have to face the truth and experience the ups and downs of life.

We buffer because we expect to feel comfort, pleasure and happiness all the time.

We assume we should be happy all the time, because we […]