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Most Common Relationship Problems and Solutions

People typically come to see me when they are in the middle of a huge transition time and their relationship is often the catalyst.

Having worked with so many people, I see common patterns and trends based on the type of relationship they are in.

I learned from my coach, Christine Hassler, there are basically 5 […]

How To Stop Drinking Too Much

Why Do You Drink Too Much?
Buffering with alcohol is one of the things we do, so we don’t have to face the truth and experience the ups and downs of life.

We buffer because we expect to feel comfort, pleasure and happiness all the time.

We assume we should be happy all the time, because we […]

What Makes You Fat

What is the problem and how did you get fat?
What Foods Make You Gain Weight?
Over the past 30 years, what we have been told is healthy food and what we should eat, has actually created overhunger and overdesire.

The low fat craze doubled the obesity population, because of the increase in packaged, low fat, high sugar […]

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Tips To Deal With Frustration Toward Your Kids

How To Stay Sane When You Want To Pull Your Hair Out And Other Anger Management Tips For Parents
This is for all you Mothers and Fathers who love your kids dearly AND those adorable kids still have the capacity to send you into the “crazies” at times.

I wanted to share with you some excellent […]

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I Have Social Anxiety

Dealing With Social Anxiety
It happens to a lot of us…
Your spouse RSVP’s to their friend’s holiday party where you will know no one.
A friend asks you to be their plus one at a wedding.
There is a mandatory work event.
Obligatory dinner with your partner’s family.
We all have to go to events where we might know absolutely […]

What You Can Expect In Your Life Coaching Session

What Is The Difference Between Therapy/Counseling And Life Coaching?
To help you understand what happens in a session, you need to know the difference between therapy or counseling and life coaching…

While there are some areas of overlap between therapy and coaching, there are some distinct differences in the relationship and how the work unfolds.

People seek […]

Let Go Of Inner Resistance

Letting Go Of Resistance
Rather than allowing life to carry us where we want to go, we spend a lot of time resisting.

We assume we need to struggle to get what we want.

But what if it is not true?

What if you could allow the natural flow of life support you in having what you want?

Think […]

How To Stop Criticizing Your Partner

Why Do We Criticize Others?
Criticism brings out the worst in men and women.

Men actually think they are good at taking criticism, but it is not true.

The reason we criticize someone is that we are trying to get someone to do or accomplish something.

Our compulsion to criticize is our instinctual way to get what we […]

How To Feel Fulfilled In Life

You have qualities and characteristics that are unique to you.

When you know who you are, you are inspired to act from that place which creates super powerful results.
Bring to mind something you do that you absolutely love doing.

When you do this thing, time stops and you are fully […]

Is It True People Never Change?

So why don’t people change even if they say they want to?
I hear reasons all the time of why people think they can’t change, when talking to potential clients about coaching.

They want to change their life, but don’t seem to be able to or know how….

Here are the top 3 reasons why some people […]