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How To Avoid Uncertainty

Do You Want To Know How To Avoid Uncertainty?

We live in a society that values comfort, safety and certainty.

We are given the message early on that we should protect ourselves from everything we don’t know.

Those of us who are willing not to know and operate in uncertainty, are viewed as reckless and maybe […]

How Do I Create The Life I Want?

How can you create the life you want?
It is both simple and hard.  Simple, because we are in control of what we think.

It can also be hard, because we don’t often believe or remember that we are in control.
Your Life = Your Thoughts
I see with my clients over and over again that the life […]

Change Your Mind By Changing Your Beliefs

Change Your Mind By Changing Your Beliefs
In the last post I shared how our brains actually resist change.


Because any type of change for the older brain is primarily a message of unsafe or unknown and if it’s unknown or unsafe I could get killed.

The brain gets stuck in telling the same old story.  The only […]

Change Your Life By Changing Your Mind

How Do You Change Your Life – By Changing Your Mind
The first step is to figure out what is holding you back in your life.

It’s called resistance.
What Is Resistance?
We all deal with resistance all of our lives. It’s part of the human experience. None of us are immune.

Something comes up and you don’t want […]

How To Handle A Difficult Boss

How To Handle A Terrible Boss
Have you been reading this series on challenging relationships? If you missed the first article, click here.

Here’s a scenario of how to handle a difficult boss…

Let’s say your boss comes into your office and says your doing a terrible job and unless you improve you will be fired.

You get […]