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How To Make My Relationship Better

Do You Feel Stuck In A Challenging Relationship?
Most people experience frustration from time to time in their relationships whether it is romantic, a family member or a coworker.

It always comes down to this…
The Other Person Is The Problem
Clients try to convince me all the time that everybody agrees the other person is the […]

How To Make My Relationship Work Better

Are You Are In A Challenging Relationship?
Most people believe their relationship is challenging, because of the way the other person is acting, but they are wrong!

Click here to read the first article of this series on challenging relationships.
Where Are You In Your Relationship?
Are you wondering how to make your relationship work better?

Here’s the temptation…

You want […]

What Makes A Relationship Challenging

So What Makes A Relationship Challenging?
Most people believe it is because of the way the other person is acting, but they are wrong!

It is simply their judgment or thinking about the other person.

You could have the exact same relationship with the exact same dynamics…

One person thinks it’s a problem and that it’s challenging.

Someone else […]

How To Get Out Of Feeling Stuck

Here Is How To Help Yourself Get Out Of Feeling Stuck
If you are feeling stuck, frustrated and confused because things aren’t going the way you want – you are not alone!

To help you move out of your stress and looping thoughts, use this time to assess and evaluate the situation.
See It As An Opportunity
This […]

How to Transform Your Love Life

What Is The Key To Transforming Your Love Life?
Loving And Feeling Loved
In her book, “Hold Me Tight”, Dr. Johnson describes how the Attachment theory explains the need for attachment in adult love, just like in childhood.

As adults, we feel loved based on how emotionally responsive our partner is to our needs.

Just like in childhood, […]

What Is Love Attachment?

Key Moments Of Love Attachment And Detachment
In my first blog I shared, Dr. Susan Johnson’s theory from her book, “Hold Me Tight”, that the level of  love attachment in relationships is what makes couples compatible or not.

Couples can feel compatible for days on end, but when some incident happens all hell breaks loose.


Dynamic exchanges […]

What Creates Love Compatibility?

What Creates Love Compatibility and Incompatibility?
Most relationship therapists’ focus on helping couples, caught in destructive power struggles and fighting patterns, learn how to negotiate and improve their communication skills.

It rarely works and here is why…

According to Dr. Sue Johnson, who wrote the book, “Hold Me Tight” they are missing the boat.

The real core problem […]

How To Create Habits That Stick

Forming Bad Habits Is Easy
All of us want healthy, fulfilling and remarkable lives.

Unfortunately though, there’s no shortage of unhealthy and unproductive behaviors that get in the way.

It is so easy to fall into unhealthy habits like…

Eating fast “convenient” food.
Checking Facebook instead of going to the gym.
Showing up to a job you […]