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Having A Bad Day?

Are You Having A Bad Day?
Most people believe being discouraged and depressed means something has gone terribly wrong – it’s not true!

Part of the process of evolving is to be able to look at ourselves and acknowledge what’s true about our situation and acknowledge what we’re believing and what we’re thinking.

If you are […]

Is Willpower And Hard Work All It Takes To Change A Habit?

Do you believe that willpower and hard work is all it takes to change a habit?

Most people believe all they need is strong willpower and perseverance to change a habit or unwanted behavior.

I have worked with so many people who suffer from all kinds of addictions and I can promise you it takes a […]

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How To Overcome Binge Eating

Are You Stuck In A Horrible Cycle?
Wondering If You Can Ever Overcome Binge Eating?
Binge eating, to me, used to feel like an out-of-body experience during a feeding frenzy, where I fell completely out of control.

It can be frightening to you see yourself almost robotically shoving copious amounts of food into your mouth.

Having helped clients […]

Ways To Overcome Anxiety And Stress

In my last post I spoke about why we often try to avoid or resist the feelings of anxiety, but it never works.

In this post, I’d like to share ways to overcome anxiety and stress and even how to avoid panic attacks.

But first we have to get past…
I Just Want To Be Comfortable
There seems […]

Overcoming Anxiety

What Is Anxiety?
A vibration or sensations in our body caused by a feeling. Generally it is a feeling of worry, fear, apprehension on nervousness.

Often it is really a cover emotion for some other difficult feeling and thrives on being vague and unspecific.
Anxiety Used To Be Helpful
Anxiety served us well back in caveman times, when […]

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