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How Do You Build A Growth Mindset For Kids?

In my last blog post on How To Teach Your Kids A Growth Mindset,  I shared with you some of the messages I got from the book, Mindset by Carol Dwek, where she discusses the importance of a growth mindset for kids.

If your kids have a growth mindset, they are open to not only […]

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I recently read the book, Mindset, by Stanford University psychologist by Carol Dweck, who has spent decades researching what leads to achievement and success in sports, business, relationships and parenting.

Her premise is that brains and talent don’t necessarily lead to success, which is not a new concept.

What was unique was her theory of how […]

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Are You Craving Sweets? Can You Eat A Whole Bag Of Cookies?

Can You Eat Just One Cookie Or Do Your Cravings Cause You To Eat The Whole Bag?
When people learn I am a nutritionist and also coach people on weight loss they assume I always eat healthy. They feel intimidated to eat sweets and other indulgent foods in front of me.

The truth is I eat […]